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About Us

How It All Began

Rusty Rau the CEO and Founder of Paradise Water Spas saw a real problem with the online market for hot tubs. He wanted to stay away from big box stores knowing that they had quotas and commission checks to drive their sales pitch, which was a big turn off for him. He was in search one day for a hot tub online and had been browsing the internet for hours trying to decide what was the right hot tub for him. He quickly noticed that it was impossible to get customer service representatives on the phone, and if he did they were very unknowledgeable. He had to contact the manufactures directly, which seems to take some time as well but once on the phone they were able to answer all the questions.

 Rusty, who originally had a background in online marketing, began learning everything and anything he could about ecommerce business. He wanted to create an environment where anybody, experienced or not in hot tubs, can visit the site do the research necessary to figure out what kind of hot tub best suited their needs. He also made it a requirement to have real knowledge people who are more than happy to help in any way that they can. Not long after that he created his own company and Paradise Water Spas was born.

The Big Picture

Paradise Water Spas is thriving to be one of the leading online hot tub and spa retailer out there. We specialize in this industry and want to bring everyone the most enjoyable buying experience online. Unlike most of the major retailers we put all of our time into one industry, which means we are very knowledgable and will give you the best customer service around. 

We are on a mission to enhance the lives of over 8,000 people over the next 5 years. Why? We believe hot tubs allow you to live a happier and more comfortable life and are extremely useful to the body, mind, and soul. 

Again, the reason why we do it because we noticed there weren’t many online resources and solutions to conducting research and buying a hot tub online. Our vision is to become a go-to resource and solution for you, as someone looking to purchase a hot tub. Or, as someone who currently owns a hot tub and needs questions answered. In the end, it’s our customers who matter. We learn from your questions, we learn from your concerns, we admire your feedback and every day we are improving our company to make it better for you and future customers.  

Our Promise

Unlike big brick and mortar stores we promise to continually strive to offer the best customer service. Feel free to give us a call or email anytime and know that you will be getting a response very quickly if not immediately. All of our employees are highlight trained and up to date on all of our products and just about any topic within the hot tub industry. 

We also strive to have the most competitive pricing out there. Hot tubs are a commodity for most people and we do not want to charge an arm and a leg for our customers to enjoy the many benefits of our hot tubs. Purchase knowing that you are getting the best deal online. 

Our checkout process is one of the safest out there. We have many security protocols within our checkout process that ensure the safety of your information. Paradise Water Spas also promises to keep any personal information to ourselves and we will not sell or give your information to any other parties. This is a safe, secure, and most stressfree way to buy the perfect hot tub for you online! 

Our Partners

We only work with tremendously high quality and certified spa manufacturers. We like to keep our partnerships narrowed down to the best of the best. Below you will find our trusted partners and their stories.  

Aqua Rest Spas

Located in Lake Mary, Florida, AquaRest Spas has been leading the spa industry in the innovation and creation of rotationally molded spas since 1997. As one of the first manufacturers of rotomolded hot tubs, Aqua Rest stays ahead by designing their spas to maximize the hydrotherapeutic benefits, personal relaxation, and health needs for its users at affordable prices. Other than their focus on bringing top quality spas to their users, we also chose Aqua Rest Spas because their spas are tremendously durable and perfect for time with family and friends.

Canadian Spa Company

The Canadian Spa Company is a global brand, they manufacture Hot Tubs and other products in North America, Asia and Europe and distribute around the world. The Canadian Spa Company has been recognized as an industry leader since their first spa was sold around thirty years ago. Three decades on, the Canadian Spa Company is still supplying an ever expanding range of quality products, with the very best after-sales service available. Canadian Spa Co. spa's stand out from other top end spas because they have a firm believing in including every feature you can imagine into all of their spa lines. From their very basic spa 2 person spa, the Yukon, to their top end 7 person spa, the Niagara, and even their gorgeous swim spas, each one of these hot tubs comes with stainless steel adjustable hydrotherapy jets, aromatherapy canisters to add additional senses to the relaxation process, surround sound MP3 system for all the greatest tunes, backlit waterfall and internal and external mood lighting for a stunning design, and factory installed ozone to ensure that your spa stays clean and sanitary without braking your back or the bank. A chief reason we chose to partner with the Canadian Spa Company is because of their wide selection of beautiful spas being coupled with incredible customer reviews, customer service, and of course it doesn’t hurt that they were Awarded Best of Class in 2016 by

Hudson Bay Spas

Hudson Bay Spas are engineered to provide power and performance while providing the convenience and reduced installation costs of a plug-in spa without sacrificing any of the amenities. And yes, they do all of this at an affordable price!

Hudson Bay Spas not only has a great selection of spas, but they are known for being easy to install and marvelous to enjoy. With a huge focus on jet location, pressure, etc., these tubs have customer reviews that are nothing short of amazing.

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