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Aqua Rest Spas


Located in Lake Mary, Florida, AquaRest Spas has been leading the spa industry in the innovation and creation of rotationally molded spas since 1997. As one of the first manufacturers of rotomolded hot tubs, we design our spas to maximize the personal relaxation, family entertainment and hydrotherapy health needs of our spa buyers at the best affordable prices.

An Affordable, and Durable Choice

Rotationally molded spas are made of medium-density polyethylene. This allows them to offer unparalleled durability at a superior value. The natural strength of the material allows the spa to hold its form without the need for additional internal support materials that add significant weight to the spa.

This lightweight construction makes the spa easier to manage and more portable to move and possibly change locations as well. All polyethylene shells used on AquaRest spas are also environmentally safe and recyclable.

With AquaRest Spas, you’ll never have to worry about warping or rotting wood caused by water exposure or acrylic surface scratching and cracks that can lead to costly repairs. Because AquaRest Spas are made with a durable thermal plastic that won’t fade, peel scratch or crack, you’ll never have to worry about resurfacing your spa!

Powerful & Smart

AquaRest Spas are smartly designed, energy efficient spas manufactured using high quality, rotationally molded shells that are watertight and lightweight with astonishingly durable strength. Lighter than traditional acrylic spas, AquaRest Spas are easier to handle and require only a standard household 120V/15AMP electric outlet for operation —a deluxe upgrade package to a convertible 120/240V, 1 kw/4kw heater is also available*. Simply fill with water using your garden hose then plug it in. Once the water warms to your comfort level it is ready to enjoy.

All spas come in three color choices with:

  1. Marine-Grade Vinyl Cover
  2. LED Backlit Waterfall
  3. 1.5 HPR Energy Efficient Pump
  4. Easy Kleen Filtration
  5. Full Foam Insulation
  6. Digital Equipment and Controls
  7. Thermal Rod Heating
  8. Convenience Drain
  9. 5-Year Shell Warranty plus 1-year Equipment and 90 Day Labor Guarantee

Three Color Choices

*The Spa ships Plug and Play ready for 120-Volt 15 Amp with a 1kW heater. The heater can be converted from a 120-Volt 1kW to 240-Volt 4kW with the installation of a 30 or 50 Amp 240-Volt electrical service, by a certified electrician.

Aqua Rest Spa Showroom